Why Should You Take a Final Tour of Property Before the Closing Date?

Accomplishing a home purchase transaction is almost like successfully finding your way out through a puzzle that demands witty movement at each step. Whether it is searching for the home or mortgage application, the focus cannot be shifted the least. To ensure a profitable transaction, the final step that you shouldn’t dare to skip is, taking a tour of the property personally.


A lot can happen during the period between the time you first visited the property while making an offer of purchase to the seller, and the time nearing the possession. It is crucial to verify the improvements or repairs made by the seller as has been negotiated. No gaps should be left as you are about to touch the finish line.


Why Is It Necessary?

Whatever be the type of property – a villa or an apartment irrespective of its size, you have certainly decided to purchase it after viewing it in a condition that pleased the eyes. To find out if you get that same picture at the time of possession, you are required to undertake a personal inspection of the property before the deal is closed, especially when it is a resale property. Possibilities of any damage or incomplete repair work cannot be ignored. This walk-through is important if you don’t want surprises awaiting in the form of damages.


Visit in the Seller’s Absence

This visit must be done by the buyer with only his agent accompanying him so that there is liberty enough to carefully examine every little detail without being forced to hurry up by the seller or his agent otherwise. If you are the buyer of a new home then you might as well take the contractor or builder along with you on this visit. A new property is made to appear more fresh than actual while being showcased by the seller. Thus, better attention is to be provided for assuring your expectations at the time of the delivery.


Take Time Out to Fix the Walk-Through

Seek the assistance of your agent to find out from the seller’s agent the time when the property will be vacant for you to access it freely. Usually, the day is scheduled within the day before the date of closing. But then as you know, Man proposes God disposes. If a natural setback comes your way after the final walk-through of the property then it is required to be repeated before closing the transaction. This is the time when you can negotiate with the seller on the damages to be repaired such as water intrusion, sinkholes.

Do Not Rush

A single fault remaining unnoticed can cost you. Thus, take adequate time to devote it to every nook and cranny and report the changes or corrections required, if any, even if that might delay the date of closing. The problem needs to get resolved at any cost whether by demanding credit at closing from the seller for handling the repairs from the day after you move in. But it becomes the seller’s responsibility to fix things if you find the property in a deteriorated condition than had been shown to you.


Documents Required

Your agent is required to furnish the following documents during this final visit to the property:

  • The disclosure form obtained from the seller after you signed the purchase agreement.


  • A report of the inspection including repair works agreed on both by the seller and you.


  • Receipts of repairs completed by the seller following the home inspection.


What All to Be Checked?

  1. Carry a phone charger with you for testing all the plug points.


  1. Check leakages by running all the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.


  1. Flush toilets to find out if there is any leakage.


  1. Whether any personal belonging or garbage is present.


  1. Turn the switches of lights, ceiling and exhaust fans to identify any power connectivity problem.


  1. Open and close doors, windows and even the garage door to check if they are functioning smoothly.


  1. Presence of proper garbage disposal area.


  1. Walls, ceiling, flooring and the exterior, as well.

By following the aforementioned tips, your home purchase will be accomplished without a single blemish or mistake to repent for, in future. For more of such insights or to purchase any property in Kolkata North, visit us at transventor.in.

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