How to Correctly Price Your Property for Selling it Quick?

Have you been slogging away to sell residential property but still not succeeded? Look back and think if the price you have quoted is justified or not, through these simple and practical steps discussed here.

Survey Your Neighbourhood

The first thing you need to question yourself is how much popular is the area where you have been residing for years now or if the price of residential properties has appreciated. This is the key to find out the possible demand for your property. The strength of the market matters a lot.

Be Accurate with Measurement

Square footage is the modern-day cash cow and the more of it, the more money you gain from selling your property. But you can’t raise the bar if falling short on square footage area. To leave no gaps, measure each room and calculate them to find the total area. Special amenities such as built-in shelving, study, swimming pool don’t increase the valuation of your property as does the number of bedrooms or bathrooms even if it is not sprawling. If your house than more than 1 or 2 bedrooms or bathrooms then you may quote a higher price irrespective of the lesser square footage.


Don’t Forget to Compare

The average price of home sales in a city is not enough to determine the valuation of your property since prices vary from one locality to other. It would be helpful to obtain most current sales data of at least 30 properties that share a similar layout, size and construction with your property. Moving from seller to seller in acquiring information on the exact value they have received for residential properties, won’t be that easy though.

Review Sales History

If the property you own, has changed hands earlier and is not one constructed by you or your forefathers then its sale history needs to be factored in. It is a clear proof of whether

there has been variation in the price or it has remained almost uniform. The reason behind the decline or increase might be an indicator for the chances of the future residential market in the concerned locality.


Physical Condition Not to be Ignored

This is one such occasion when you will find the impartial views of outsiders helpful since it is too difficult to find fault with your possession or whatever is dear to you. Only a stranger can identify the flaws without any hesitation. Your property won’t sell fast if it has too many repairs to be done and you need to find them out beforehand for correcting them. Be a critic yourself while taking a tour of the house, especially if you haven’t used it since purchase, and list the replacement, repairs or maintenances. Greater the expenses involved rectifying the damages less will be the price offered by buyers.

Low pricing ensures faster selling of a property if a situation so arises. Otherwise, work out these aforementioned steps and enhance the value of your property for a transaction that would meet your expectations. Do you have Kolkata apartments for sale? Contact for any help you need in getting a buyer to ultimately sealing the deal without any hassle.

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