How to Hit the Big Time with Home Purchase at Your Desired Offer?

Do you need to wrap your brain around the concept of purchasing a home by offering much a lower a price than the seller would have asked for? Here, we have discussed some tips that you may follow in cracking the negotiation to your contentment.

Leave No Gap in Research

The ground underneath your feet should be strong enough to prove the seller’s quotation unreasonable. Look out for the prices at which homes of the same style and size in the concerned locality and its adjacent areas got sold, recently. Don’t forget to document them to produce them before the seller.

Raise the Bar of Earnest Amount

Give a boost to the earnest amount than is usually paid, to assure the seller of your purchase even if you are offering an incredibly lower price for the property. This is the way of weathering the storm against the diminishing value of the Indian currency.


Motivate the Seller

Keep your agreement free from complications such as doubts regarding your payment. Whether or not it is dependent on the sale of an existing property or you have the money ready at hand. Leave no room for dubious assumptions of the seller. The authenticity and neatness of your contract will become prominent with the inclusion of a letter from the lender that certifies your financial approval. This is the key to the fast-closing of a deal.

Make it Hassle-Free

Stand in good stead for property purchase at an unbelievably lower price by paying cash to complete the transaction is not more than 2 weeks that would usually vary between 30 and 90 days during which, the moneylender would inspect and gather all the required financial reports for the protection of their interests. To bring the seller around to accepting your desired price, you have to speed up the transaction process.

Don’t Miss the Boat

If the housing market isn’t in a slump then a house once listed starts receiving offers from buyers latest by 2 days. Find out how many months old is the property since its listing? A few months aged home is the right one to hit if you are strongly determined to get it from the seller at a price that is obliging to him but greatly satisfies you.

Tackle Counter-Offer

Don’t forget that there is a method in the madness of continuously responding to the seller’s counter-offer. Revolving around your desired amount by stretching the previous offer amounts every time you are attacked by the seller during multiple negotiations. Least would the seller know that your previous offers were the key to achieve the one you have fixed in your mind?


Believe in Yourself

Don’t underestimate yourself to think that your offer is illogical in comparison to the price quoted by the seller. Just wait some time only to be amazed or shocked at the changing mind of the latter to sell the home at the sum you had offered him previously. More so, if the property requires expensive major repairs.

Speak Your Heart Out

Don’t keep up appearances needlessly to satisfy the seller since the other party is mostly concerned with the fact that his property has been able to interest someone irrespective of the money he would get in exchange of it. Thus, it is not a wise decision to price up your offer when at heart you know that the property isn’t worth that.

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