Is a Rented Home with Greater Amenities the Right Option?

The modern-day residential complexes in Metro cities already possess facilities like swimming pool, gym area, swimming pool for which, you would otherwise have to go out for membership. Consequently, the rental fee of such an apartment with exclusive amenities would be quite high than that of one in a standalone building. Not only in the tier I cities but even the tenants in tier-II cities are now looking for rental properties that are enabled with basic facilities.

First, go through this list of amenities available in the residential projects these days to
decide on which are the ones you need.

 Solar power in common areas
 Rainwater harvesting
 Sewage treatment plan
 Garbage segregation
 CCTV surveillance
 Smoke detectors
 LPG gas detectors and other security facilities
 Lifestyle facilities such as kids play area, gymnasium, etc

Why should you foot the bills of facilities that are of no use to you and struggle to pay an exorbitant monthly rental? The best means of balancing budget and comfort when living on rent is to purchase a semi-furnished flat with basic amenities like air conditioner and kitchen shelves. Nowadays, furniture items especially wardrobes are available on rent with rates starting from 5000 rupees each month. Or you can buy your own as an investment for your future home decor.

The gymnasium is one such money-drawing facility caused by the maintenance or replacement of its high-end equipment. Finding a rental home in a complex enabled with a gym will naturally increase the cost of the rent. If you aren’t a physique-freak and love to rely on simple free-hand exercises for good health then this facility too can be removed from your checklist.

Amenities like clubhouse, community hall that is required by most families for occasional ceremonies. As you know, the standalone banquets come very expensively and bookings aren’t easily available, as well.

A well-reserved playing area for kids isn’t that necessary since there are several iconic gardens in the city where you can expose them to Nature and history instead of those brain-less accident-prone amusement rides.

On the other hand, walking tracks dotted with green trees do not involve heavy maintenance costs and are useful for the aged members of the family who go out once in a blue moon. Again, a swimming pool is a pricey feature that you can avoid until you have made one in your own home.

24X7 Power backup, water supply and elevator facilities cannot be compromised on when you have chosen to stay in a high-rise building.

Are you in need of an affordable apartment on rent but not willing to spend on unnecessary amenities? Contact us at to choose from such properties in South Kolkata that provide minimum but useful amenities meant to sustain a carefree life within your budget. From site visit to price negotiation, we will get you through every step effortlessly.

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