What Not to Compromise on Your Dream Home?

Purchasing your dream home after hunting it for several years is a dream in itself. This might be the largest possible financial deal of your life where you cannot choose to compromise on your wishlist especially if you are buying a home for the first time and not sure of when the next chance will come in a lifetime.



Not even in your imagination, you should think of setting out on a house hunt if you haven’t formed a precise budget of what you can afford not just in the immediate future but also in the long run in terms of insurance, utilities, taxes and monthly mortgage payments. Get yourself a mortgage pre-approval so as to be assured if you can really afford the property or not.


Don’t let the beauty of a house sway you unless you have a firm financial ground to hold your property expenses upright without destroying your economic stability. Price should be a priority over the looks of the house to maintain a balance in life.


Last but not the least, do not forget to calculate the invisible as well as closing costs pertaining to the property purchase and add them to find out the total amount you would have to shell out otherwise. This pre-calculation will help you in searching the limit up to which, you can financially stretch yourself.


House Not in Good Condition

Don’t get tempted by the price of a property that requires repair, as it is relatively lower than a finished ready-to-move unit. Do take time to consider the amount of time and money you will require for fixing those damages or revamp the property to catch up with your standard of living or the way you wanted your dream home to be.

A turnkey is a preferable option if you do not wish to handle the stress of living amidst the mess and dirt resulting from the construction work at the time of renovation.


No matter how aesthetic or updated the home is, it is worthy of purchase only if located at a fair distance from your workplace. Do not ignore the weariness resulting from the daily journey of 2 or more hours up and down to the office. In a way, it takes a toll on your health and monthly savings as well.


The layout of the property can never be as accurate as you have imagined all the way before selecting a home. But that is no strong a reason to compromise on the number of bedrooms if they are not adequate to accommodate your growing family in the near future.

No compromises should be made on the size of essential spaces such as a kitchen or bathroom. Creating an open-kitchen by removing any of the walls is not easy a plan as it seems and causes you to splurge additionally.


Parking Space

A property without parking space is of no use these days as it is not safe to park your two or four wheeler at the roadside. If you are using any rented space or garage, then you have to drive down to that area before returning home, which simply adds to your day’s stress.


You can change those parts of your home interior that you don’t but changing the neighbourhood is absolutely impossible. This factor has to be focused on during the property selection and is not something to be compromised. Also, look out for schools or at least kindergarten in the areas nearby so that your kids do not get stressed or feel reluctant to go to school. A tad bit higher property price, for this reason, is worth paying.


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