Is Parking Space the Only Hitch to Your Rental Income?

Your inability to provide a parking space can be a major issue in finding a tenant your property. The parking lot tops the list of amenities that tenants look for these days.

The major problem faced by the tenants in Metropolitan cities is the restriction to parking spaces in the housing complex. But this inconvenience of the tenants has affected the rental market.

According to a Real Estate agent, the inability to offer a parking area with the rental property by the landlord has reached such a height of frustration that has resulted in conflicts with tenants, in Mumbai. The tenants of the MIG apartments are especially the victims, who have to park their two/four-wheeler on the road.

What the Tenants Actually Have to Deal With?

The housing societies due to scant parking spaces keep them reserved for their permanent resident while those living on rent are the ones who have to suffer.

There are incidents where the tenant has been warned of paying a fine if he parked his vehicle within the housing complex since no parking area had been purchased by his flat owner. This happened not until the number of permanent residents in the building or complex started increasing.

People in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi are willing to live in a rented property only if it comes along with a parking space while those without any vehicle do not want flats with parking spaces charging extra payment.

Whereas, there are developers like Nirvana Realty, which finds it unfair to not allow the tenant a parking space though he pays the rent and for other facilities, as well. The tenant has the right to parking space in the location of his apartment.

According to experts, the number of parking facilities developed based on the number of units, is the cause of the aforesaid problem. Thus, the owner must book a parking slot before the limited offer ends or his tenant will have to face the same problem.

A recent decision of the Supreme Court also authorized the usage of the owner’s parking space by the tenant. The Co-operative Societies Act allows only the members of a housing complex to use the parking space in that area. In the case of extra parking space available, the housing committee can offer it to a temporary resident by charging a fee, which will be decided by the general body.

No housing complex has the right to distinguish between a permanent resident or a tenant in terms of offering a parking space. The parking rule under the Developmental Control Rules and Fire Acts make provision for the tenant to use the parking slot if the owner has the right to the same.

The tenant has full right to approach the Consumer Forum, the respective Housing Complex’s registrar office, the Co-operative Court and even the High Court if he is prevented from parking his vehicle in the owner’s parking slot.

If you plan to rent out a property without its parking space that is also owned by you, then do mention that beforehand. Otherwise, the tenant will produce the agreement to the higher authorities for claiming his privilege of the parking slot.

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