The Gaps You Shouldn’t Leave While Selling a Vacant House

Are you running short of a good night’s sleep for being unable to sell your residential property that has been lying unoccupied? A vacant property arouses innumerable questions in the buyer’s mind making the latter dubious about its purchase. Here, we have elaborated the possible dangers related to a vacant home and how they should be presented to attract the buyer’s interest.


But When Does a Property Become Vacant?


  1. The gap between old tenants leaving the rental property and new tenants coming in though it is not prolonged since the contracts are seamlessly arranged by the landlord.
  2. A newly built house that is without resident though having been owned by someone.
  3. The homeowner moves into a new house before selling the older one, which thus becomes unoccupied.

A Vacant Property is Prone to the Following


Selling a home that has been vacant for a long span of time is a headache due to the following possible dangers:


  1. A vacant house gets targeted by thieves and trespassers when it is devoid of supervision, especially when no security measure has been employed. Not only slight damages such as the breaking of glass or light bulbs but even structural destruction might occur that calls for serious repair.
  2. Squatting is another grave issue for a home that is vacant. In clear words, homeless people illegally occupy the uninhabited home thereby resulting in damages to the property during their stay as well as legal problems in future.
  3. The closed rooms of a vacant house are susceptible to the formation of damp, cobwebs and infestation of rats causing damages to electronic boards or wires. Chances of fire damages cannot be ignored. Potted plants, metre box or other objects, if any, present outside the house is also at the risk of being damaged during harsh weather conditions.
  4. Malfunctioning of air conditioners or small leakages of water pipes when left unrepaired for a long time, leads to the formation of moulds.


Thus, the only way to keep these inconveniences at bay is by selling the home at the earliest. But we often make the following mistakes, which pose a delay in the affair:


The Property is Not Appraised

Getting an appraisal for the property facilitates easy and quicker negotiation of the buyer’s offer price as the latter gets to see a proof of your credibility and find confidence in the selling price quoted by you.


Ignoring Repair Charges

It would be a folly to not estimate the repair costs irrespective of whether you pay it from your own pocket or the customer does. Don’t restrict yourself to a single opinion when getting the repair estimation. A precise knowledge of the costs will help you determine the correct price considering the amount the buyer has to spend on repairs or to get paid for what you have already spent on the maintenance charges.

Home Utilities Kept Off

Leaving the home utilities on even when it is not occupied will assure prevention against damage due to bad weather. Besides, the buyers will feel comfortable when visiting the house and won’t be misled by the impression of more repairs required than actual.


Not Disclosing the Repairs Necessary

To avoid disputes in future don’t forget to inform the buyers about the repairs needed to be done if you haven’t been able to finish all of them.

Carelessness in Home Security

Proper security of the home is necessary to keep it intact against the damages caused by trespassers, criminals and squatters. This will lessen the number of unnecessary repairs when the time comes for displaying the property.


Leaving the Home as it Is

From the sight of empty rooms, the potential buyer is unable to get an idea or probably confused as to how the floor space can be used. Thus, you need to decorate it with furniture item and accessories for transforming the house into a home. Staging the home is a great way to add to the buyer’s reference points and make the property alluring.


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