Why is it Logical to Purchase a Resale Home at Times?

Don’t get the notion of a lower financial status about those opting for resale residential properties. Here, you will come to know that even owning a new home has its share of drawbacks. Judge it for yourself and see what works the best for you.

Relatively High Priced

Location, quality and square footage area are factored in fixing the market price of existing, used property as against a newly constructed apartment that includes extra costs of sewer line installation, the construction of driveways and sidewalks and other utilities. All of these usually add up to a price that is a far cry from that of a used property by almost 15% to 20%.

Dearth of Greenery

Who likes to start the day with the sight of mere high rises and cellphone towers silhouetted against the blue sky. Deforestation is the consequence of any construction and it would take 2 decades or more for the area to regain its greenery. Isn’t it better to choose a property surrounded by sturdy and aged trees to bask in the eye-soothing view?

Burden of Costs

A property under construction might make enough room for architectural alterations as and when you desire it but even a minor change from a wood railing to steel porch can significantly increase the final price to be paid. If the area isn’t established then you would have to financially contribute to the development of infrastructural elements such as street drains thereby, resulting in high monthly mortgage bills.


A lot of Travel

The surrounding areas of under-construction properties especially those located in the distant areas of the city would take a few years for educational institutions, shopping malls, medical facilities to sprout. Thus, most of your time will be wasted in travelling to and from the required spots.

Less Space

The gap between two houses or the area surrounding it is relatively lesser than that compared to the earlier constructed residential properties. Not much of space is left for your kids to play outdoors as well as your privacy is disrupted.

Running after the Contractor

Never a home is flawlessly correct immediately after the construction. Problems like dripping of the sink or outlets not working are serious and need instant repair for which, you might face a tough time in getting the contractor.

Delay in Possession

Other than the obvious gap in the construction work due to the monsoon other developer- related problems such as funding can keep you waiting for about 6 months to more than a year. This is serious trouble if you have already sold your house and have to spend money on rent.

Ear-Splitting Noise

The constant banging on the head all through the daytime when the construction of surrounding new projects is going on would get hard to endure and you never know when the entire thing would come to an end.

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