What is Coming in the Way of Getting Your Home Sold Quick?

Expensive home renovation is not the sole hindrance to the delay in selling your home. There are several other underlying factors that you need to reflect on, as has been elaborated in this discussion.

Not Emptying Spaces

Clear visibility is necessary for the buyer to visualize how the latter can utilize every space available in the existing furniture items and on the floor. The presence of even the minor accessories or stuff such as books or any stationery lying uselessly can trigger the buyer’s doubt regarding space crunch, maintenance and regular cleaning. Remember, that you are advertising your home and not your possessions.

Leaving it Dark

Whether it is daytime or evening, right from the niches to the walkway or bookshelf under the staircase must be free from shadows. Illuminate the house in a manner that even the darkest of the rooms appear bright and open. Not just repair the lights that aren’t working but position them strategically with the help of a professional or even update the fixtures for an instant facelift without any major architectural changes.


Ignoring Pre-Visit Inspection

Examine every little detail of your home with the eyes of a critic and make a list so that you don’t miss out on any of them before fixing an appointment with the buyer. Leave no room for any complaint or dissatisfaction that would leave your property with a taint resulting in the disinterest of buyers.

Fixing an Unreasonable Price

Make sure to study the market price of homes that are similar in type, size and locality. You shouldn’t be charging anything irrational that would distance your property from Real Estate agents as well as buyers. But that also doesn’t mean you won’t keep any profit for yourself. Besides, any reduction in the price following a few visit sessions of buyers can arouse doubt in their minds regarding the property.


Inadequate Presentation

These days when a website is a platform to fall in love with houses at first sight, how can you not make the most of it? If you or your camera isn’t efficient enough then make a little but valuable investment in hiring a professional who can bring out the sharpness or depth of every nook and cranny. But it should be photographed only when you’ve completed the aforementioned steps.

Not Properly Prepared

Once the pictures get uploaded on the website, appointments from buyers will mostly rush within the first 2 weeks of the property listing. If at that point if you ask them to wait only because some repair work is left before it is ready to showcase, you might lose a fortune. Don’t leave any work pending for the last moment or plan the property listing as per your budget so that it doesn’t get in the way of preparing your home for buyer visits.

Now that all the setbacks have been identified, you can rectify any faulty decision and never repeat the same in future. Are you looking to puzrchase, sell or rent out flats in south Kolkata ? Get in touch with transventor.in for any assistance you need in the transaction process.

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