Why Is the Mutation Certificate a Necessity?

The term ‘mutation’ is associated with the transfer of the property from the present owner to you, in the form of partition, sale, inheritance, gift, will. This process gets the property recorded in the name of the new owner under the Department of Land Revenue. This record allows the Government to demand tax from the exact owner of the property. The process of documentation and the fee charged by it differs Statewise.

If the transfer of property from one owner to the other is due to sale then the following documents are required to be submitted:

  • A copy of Sale Deed
  • Receipt of Property Tax Payment Till Date
  • Mutation Application with Court Fee Stamp Affixed
  • Indemnity Bond on the Stamp Paper of Required Value
  • Affidavit on the Stamp Paper of Required Value

Once the application has been submitted with the aforementioned documents, a proclamation will be issued for entertaining any objection to the suggested mutation within a period of 15 days and the last date will be specified. Then the report will be submitted by the Patwari in the specified format.

A record of the statements by the parties is made so as to tally them with the document contents. The proposed mutation will get approval only if no objection is found against it.

A legal expert explains the significance of acquiring a mutation certificate for your property.

  • Firstly, this document is a requisite for the sale of your property. Thus, unavailability of this document may endanger the possibilities of selling your property.
  • Secondly, the certificate serves as a tax record and is proof of your ownership.

  • Although different States charge different fees for processing the mutation certificate but on a whole, it isn’t much expensive an affair.
  • Lastly, the validity of property records gets checked every time the mutation certificate is updated.

The role of seller ends with the submission of the required documents like sale agreement, valid registry, NOC to the buyer. Then it is the buyer’s turn to apply for mutation certificate by submitting the necessary legal documents and follow the method.

Any objection against the proposed mutation can be referred to the concerning area’s Revenue Assistant. In case you are not satisfied with the solution of your grievance, then you can approach the Additional Collector by filing an appeal within a period of 30 days.

Not possessing a mutation certificate will force you to let go a prospective buyer for selling your property.

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