Bengal Real Estate to Reach Global Heights with 2nd Largest Solar Power Housing

The first attempt to incorporate solar rooftop in houses was made 10 years back, by New Town, Kolkata.

The act of implementing solar power in realty projects has turned out to be economic because it reduces maintenance charges by counteracting the need for electricity in common areas.

Spread over a vast area of 30 lakh square feet, an affordable residential project targets the second place after Canada, in terms of the largest housing project infused with solar power.

Now, the second shot is being given by a suburban and historic town of Bengal, Serampore. The entire housing with solar rooftops will have the capacity of generating more than 1.5 MW.

The upcoming housing with solar rooftops in Serampore, occupies a plot of 23 acres. The 24 G+12 storeyed towers, cover 30 lakh square feet area out of which a roof area of 2 lakh square feet will be used for generating 18 lakh units of electric power.

As stated by the developer, the 1.5 MW electricity generated will save around 1.25 crores on the power cost each year.

Consequentially, the maintenance charges will also decrease to less than a rupee for every square foot area. Not only buying but living in these apartments will become less expensive for the buyers.

Serampore is the only other town on the planet so far, after Quebec in Canada, to bask in the glory of bringing in such a revolution!

Kolkata too isn’t far behind with projects under construction in Bonhooghly and Joka that will be generating 220 and 400 KW electricity through solar rooftops. The installation cost having reduced from 13 to 4 rupees per kWh, boosted the use of this ‘natural’ technology to power more homes in the city.

The shade offered by the solar panels will in a way relieve the top floor residents of the summer heat thereby, decreasing the load of their air conditioners!


Many commercial spaces and institutions including the Kolkata Airport are enabled with solar power rooftops. Eco Centre, City Centre of Haldia and New Town are the other significant spots for the next solar rooftop installation programmes within the purview of big players.

The news must have powered your minds as well, to book a home in any of such housing projects. For the latest and precise updates on residential flats in Kolkata, get connected with Transventor Property Management.


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