Tips to Make Your Home Safer

Rapid urbanisation and burglary are advancing hand in hand throwing challenges to the society residents on a day-to-day basis. The constantly decreasing family size has taken a toll on its safety. Even the best of locations cannot bet on being free from insecurity. So, an individual attempt is necessary as there is no use crying over spilt milk.

The markets come up with new home security systems every year that are to an extent helpful but not impervious. The incidents of breaking the CCTV cameras are the most common. The modern residential complexes are endowed with day and night surveillance systems but that does not totally eliminate the possibility of unfair actions caused under the guise of sophistication. It might sound a bit dramatic but can you really trust any stranger these days, especially when you have an old member or child in the family?

Let’s hear it from the experts on how to keep your home secured this 2019:

Home security isn’t dependent on the nature of technology you use but a lot more on your sense of responsibility and alertness. No matter how much hurry you are, you have to take time out for locking the windows and doors.

Doors and Windows

Sliding glass doors are common in today’s apartments that can be easily lifted from their tracks by the burglars.

How to prevent it:

  • Keep a broomstick or any other object of obstruction to the sliding of the door, in its lower track.
  • Or you may install an aluminium ‘‘Charley bar’’ at the height of the waist.
  • Drilling holes on the hollow portion of the inner and outer metal panels respectively when the doors lie over on another is an effective option as this will cause the bolt to slip through and hinder the smooth sliding motion.
  • Burglars will surely find it hard to enter your home.
  • You are required to replace outdated and weak locks from time to time. Make it a point to check the strength of the locks as well as the doors on which they will be mounted when you are purchasing a property.
  • Use only foam-filled metal or solid wood for the exterior doors so that they can resist the intruder’s effect of breaking through.
  • Also, ensure that the pins on the hinges of the doors that swing outwards are non-removable.
  • Secured locking of windows is a necessity for protection against intrusion, especially when you are staying on the second floor of the building.
  • Unbreakable glazing or installation of steel bars can provide added security.
  • Air-conditioner is the first value at your home that is bound to fall within the reach of the burglar through the window. An easy trick to prevent this is by fixing a piece of lumber atop the window sill.

Burglary Alarm & Home Security Products

A host of modernized home safety gizmos are available these days that can be installed on your own. These may not be that expensive as much the money you might have to splash out on their pairing devices such as state-of-the-art alarms, cameras or sensors.

The activity of these gadgets can be monitored by yourself if you don’t wish to pay for subscribing their services.

Several types of equipment are largely available in the market these days that coordinate with your smartphone through ‘apps’. For instance, the video doorbell functions by sending you texts no sooner than it is able to identify any type of activity going on around your home’s entrance door. Once the doorbell is rung by anyone, especially a stranger, your smartphone will signal it so that you can ask the former to depart and let him know that he is on camera.

Do implement only that you need but don’t get swayed by the elaborate gadgets even when they are not required in every nook and cranny of your house. Constant monitoring of property through sensors and keyboard-enabled sensors all over it isn’t a necessity if you are living in an overall safe location.

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