Green Homes – A New Side of Indian Realty

The absolute reality we are living now is prone to the threats of global warming resulting in uncertain climatic changes. Before the natural resources get fully exhausted, it is high time to take precautions against the endangered environment. The increasing pollution can be heavily attributed to the construction of buildings. Thus, the Indian Real Estate has come up with a solution to retard the advancing calamity.

The country’s realty scene has witnessed a rise in the demand for ‘Green Homes’ during the previous year, with purchasers showing interest in this segment. The term in itself signifies eco-friendly and energy-efficient structures.

A survey of the Real Estate sector has pointed out that around 10 % of homebuyers are now checking if the properties are certified as ‘Green Homes’ and if they are available in the projects where they might have chosen conventional homes, earlier. The market for this segment of housing in India is anticipated to soar as high as a total area of 10 billion square feet within 2022, which will be of worth 35 to 50 billion US dollars. The country has attained second place globally next to the United States regarding the number of projects and the built-up area occupied by Green technology.

The entire life cycle of a green building is infused with energy-efficient and environment-friendly techniques right from its siting to deconstruction including operation, construction, maintenance, design, and renovation.

A building can be certified as ‘Green Building’ only when it is endowed with facilities of saving on water consumption and energy consumption by 20 to 30 % and 40 to 50 %, respectively. This is what distinguishes from the usual constructions. The effort of building environment-conscious buildings is increasing, which is a positive sign. In addition, these homes are cost-effective and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Green is the New Age Home

These homes are sustainable where the builders are consciously using premium grade materials to justify the worth of the buyer’s investment and the family’s contribution to the conservation of Nature in their own little way.

The tag ‘Green Home’ should not be mistaken for those related to the green environment. These are homes that have incorporated the use of pollution-free waste, power and water.

The natural water resources in the villages suburban areas supplying water to the Metro cities, need to be preserved for uninterrupted supply in future. For this reason, techniques like rainwater recharging and harvesting are being implemented for maintaining sufficient water level.

What is actually meant by pollution-free garbage? The treatment of garbage in a manner that it can further assist in the active generation of carbon, power and composting.

Green homes will specialize in the aforementioned processes and will even focus on proper insulation methods controlling to keep the natural heat in check so that there is limited use of AC during summers. The local and natural resources will be used in the best way possible to make these ‘Green Homes’ bankable and can be easily maintained for a long period of time.

In countries such as India, where urbanisation is incessant with above 900 million urban residents to rush in by 2050, have to confront a daunting situation that demands both speedy development of infrastructure and minimal ecological impact on this development.

Urbanisation is definitely a necessity and cannot stagnate at any point in time. The only solution is to strike a balance through the use of eco-friendly raw materials and energy-efficient technology to play a part in the conservation of natural resources and the energy obtained from them. The country is required to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 35 % within 2030. Building construction accounts for a major quantity of Greenhouse Gases released.

As measured by the authoritative rating systems, the Green constructions have exhibited a considerably less amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions and energy costs. The civic administration in cities such as Mumbai, green projects are being encouraged by even offering a discount of 2.5 to 5 %, in some cases. These green constructions facilitate the percolation of rainwater into the ground helps the water table to rise gradually.

Such policies are required to be formulated by the Government to increase the demand for green homes among buyers.

SHLC or Sustainable Housing Leadership Consortium is distinctive and the first of its kind private-sector consortium in the world summoned by the IFC, to initiate the construction of ‘Green Homes’ in the mainstream realty market of India. This consortium has been included in the Eco-Cities program backed in 2016 by the Europian Union. It has also received the support of the Indian Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Initially, a ‘Green Home’ might appear slightly expensive but you will find it economical in the long run. The implementation of resource conservative techniques makes way for a significant reduction in your electricity bills and other maintenance charges. By living in a home like this you will leave behind the legacy of caring for the environment to be carried by your future generations.

How will the Buyers Benefit from ‘Green Homes’?

The advantages of ‘Green Homes’ have also had a positive impact on the social life by benefitting the health of those living in ‘Green Homes’ or working in the ‘Green Offices’ apart from retarding the encroachment of pollution into the already threatened environment.

The use of recycled and quality materials in the construction, provide it better shelf life and you need not to spend money at intervals on repair or maintenance. Thus, it is worth making a one-time investment even it is a bit extra than the usual.

The absence of toxic raw materials allows a purer space to breathe in, thereby resulting in a healthy mind and body. The pest control methods implemented here are also free from toxic, artificial substances.

These homes are architecturally designed in a manner such that you receive adequate fresh air and natural sunlight, for a positive ambience to rid you from all the stress at the end of the day.

The most attractive aspect that will surely draw a home buyer is the high Return on Investment available in comparison to the conventional buildings. Besides, the properties in this segment are found to appreciate at a comparatively at a quicker rate.

So, which one would be your pick between a green home or a conventional 3 bedroom flat in Kolkata for investing in Real Estate? Whatever your decision be, is here to help you manage the property transaction in a hassle-free way.

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