Home Automation: The New Future of Indian Real Estate

An additional offering of automated products apart from the standard amenities in a modern housing complex is a new idea of the developers to attract the home buyers. Earlier, the cost factor caused the developers to hesitate from incorporating such facilities but the remarkable reduction in the deployment and technology costs has made it possible.

The home environment is also being enabled with the technology of wellness intelligence through the implementation of sensor technologies and cloud-based algorithms. The Real Estate sector is no longer restricted to brick and mortar, but innovative solutions for the resident to live a tension-free and healthy life.

Internet too has found a place in the most common features of a house. The developers are making the most of Wi-Fi to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Light-based on a motion sensor, video door panels, appliance control products, security management- all of these use Wi-Fi. Be it the television or the refrigerator, every electrical good of the household is becoming app-controlled. The new residential complexes in the Metro cities are including these features.

Overcoming the previous issues, the developers are integrating these special features with their existing project plans. These amenities have proved to be cost-effective in the long term instead of being too costly an affair for the home buyers. The automation products protect the appliances by warning the user of their malfunctioning.

Many of the luxury and mid-size projects are collaborating with the home automation companies. As told by the Co-Founder of a leading home automation provider in India, the builders are demanding for durable automation products that are not much expensive.

The trend of introducing automation products in residential properties is enhancing the interest of the investors, too.

An US-based investor analyses that India will a go long way in the field of home automation as is evident from the start-up companies coming up with innovative products. A stable growth of 30 to 50 per cent on a year-to-year basis is anticipated in the following 5 years.

The buyers will now get homes that offer improved quality of sleep, an environment inducing the wellness of health and reduction of stress.

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